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Save the date! The Emerging Issues In The Expiring-Use Affordability Crisis

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018


Join Goldstein Hall for a discussion about the rights a not-for-profit partner has in a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit project and how those rights CAN be protected to maintain a community’s affordability.

Topics include:

  • The statutory framework underlying Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects
  • The legislative intent to maintain the affordability of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects
  • The concerns a not-for-profit partner should have when Year 15 approaches or the project’s investor prepares for exiting
  • What a not-for-profit partner should consider when a potential offer to purchase is made or the project’s owner requests the sale of the project’s property
  • Recent legal developments.

If you are interested in attending, please contact marketing@goldsteinhall.com




David A. Goldstein, Esq., Managing Partner, Goldstein Hall PLLC
Daniel Goldenberg, Esq., Associate, Goldstein Hall PLLC

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