April 23, 2019
A Model Worth Copying: Joint Ownership Structures for CDCs

The JOE NYC, a consortium of CDCs that have pooled their portfolios and expertise, is a blueprint that can help CDCs in other cities and regions shore up their stability in challenging markets and gain ground against the national affordability crisis. In an in-depth article for The Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, […]

April 9, 2019
Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law Publishes Article by David Goldstein and Jason Labate on Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

“Changing the Paradigm: Creating Scale and Keeping Local Expertise in Nonprofit Affordable Housing Development—How to Stop Competing with Fellow CDCs and Embrace a Joint Ownership Structure” Volume 27, Number 3 2019 By David Goldstein, Jason Labate, and Nadya Salcedo Over the past forty years, New York City’s nonprofit Community Development Corporations (CDCs) have rebuilt some […]

September 14, 2017
Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of NYS – Podcast on the Joint Ownership Entity (JOE) program

GH participated in a podcast developed by the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State (NPCNYS), talking about the JOE or Joint Ownership Entity program.  The podcast was created as part of their Professional Development Series. GH Managing Partner, David A. Goldstein, along with panelists Peter Madden, Executive Director of the JOE; Harry DeRienzo, Executive […]

June 13, 2017
Goldstein Hall participates on NPCNYS podcast, talking about the JOE, Joint Ownership Enitity

As part of the NPCNYS Professional Development Series: David A. Goldstein, Managing Partner at Goldstein Hall PLLC; Peter Madden, Executive Director of the Joint Ownership Entity (JOE); Harry DeRienzo, Executive Director at Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, and; Mark Jahr, working with Forsyth Street, discuss the future of the JOE and how it may be […]

April 4, 2017
Nonprofits Join Up to Increase Affordable Housing Heft

As New York City experienced rampant arson and neighborhoods saw continued disinvestment in the 1970s, many residents stayed and stuck it out — even as landlords abandoned them. They organized and began working with the city to take over foreclosed and neglected properties, transferring them to nonprofit community development corporations to stabilize neighborhoods and preserve […]

January 25, 2017
Innovation of the Year Award: JOE NYC

JOE NYC was honored for Innovation of the Year at the 2017 LISC New York City New York City Big Apple Innovation Awards. GH is proud to be a part of the creation of the JOE and congratulates all of the JOE members for this accomplishment! For more information about the JOE, visit:  

April 11, 2016
Managing Partner, David Goldstein to speak on The Future of CDC Development in New York City at ANHD’s 6th Annual Development Conference

Please join David Goldstein along with other panelists: Michelle de la Uz, Executive Director, Fifth Avenue Committee, Walter Roberts, Executive Director, Hope Community Development, Harry deRienzo, Executive Director, Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, John Reilly, Executive Director, Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation Elizabeth Zeldin, Program Officer, Enterprise Community Partners, Chris Cirillo, Executive Director, Lott CDC and […]

January 14, 2016
Announcing JOE NYC

A coalition of some of the most successful community development corporations in the country is pleased to announce the formation of a new, consolidated housing entity that will jointly own and oversee portfolios of over a dozen New York City CDCs, comprising some 3,000 to 5,000 units of affordable housing. This is exciting and ground-breaking […]