Goldstein Hall’s Construction Litigation Team, led by Construction Law and Litigation Partner Brian J. Markowitz, secured an Arbitration Award for its Client, who is the landowner, that sued its general contractor for liquidated damages arising from the general contractor’s delayed gut-rehab of the client’s townhouse that stands across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Arbitration Award was the culmination of several years of work, which included a motion to compel arbitration, the commencement of a special proceeding to compel a proper itemized statement, and even defending against a motion within the Arbitration Proceeding to dismiss the claim for liquidated damages. The Arbitration took place over 6 days of hearings, with both sides presenting their witnesses – all while the general contractor sought stays in the appellate division. The parties then submitted post-hearing briefs and proposed reasoned awards. Ultimately, the Arbitrator, selected from the American Arbitration Association’s commercial arbitration panel, determined that the Owner was entitled to 190 days of delay at $2,600 per day.

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