Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Developer Initiative

Goldstein Hall PLLC has been representing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) developers and contractors throughout the East Coast in their efforts to create affordable housing units for underserved communities.


Goldstein Hall PLLC established the BIPOC Developer Initiative (BDI) to familiarize new BIPOC developers and contractors from with the industry and provide them with education in order to foster pathways into the affordable housing space. BDI aims to further reduce barriers for new BIPOC developers and contractors in the affordable housing development industry by providing valuable information to reduce the barriers of entry into the affordable housing industry. New BIPOC developers and contractors will gain insight from seminars that prepare them for new projects. In addition, at the end of the seminars, policy recommendations are drafted and sent to city officials in hopes of improving the current regulatory landscape and promote the mayor’s and governor’s goal to increase new developers and contractors’ participation throughout the East Coast.


While assisting different clients, Goldstein Hall recognized the need for diversity and inclusion in the affordable housing development industry.


The BIPOC Developer Initiative (BDI) has held seminars to address the many issues facing the development and construction community. The panels have included influencers, policy makers and industry experts with the abilities to impact the arena.

Our panel of experts have touched on:

  • Breaking into the affordable housing network (who are the key players, securing public and private partnerships and tips to prepare for new projects)
  • Key considerations for developers and contractors from site acquisition through project completion, (including site screening, project budgeting, hiring architects and contractors, and drafting construction contracts)
  • How to become an M/WBE certified developer or contractor
  • Maximizing resources and opportunities available once a developer/ contractor is part of the M/WBE cohort (including HPD lead programs)
  • Tips for developers in analyzing and securing public and private financial products
  • Managing litigation risk in contract drafting and during the course of work

If you have any questions or would like more information about our BIPOC Developer Initiative, please contact Brian Hsu

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