Goldstein Hall Senior Associate, Peter Rivera, along with other industry leaders, participated in a half day panel discussion on Homelessness, Social Economic Impact & Gentrification in the Bronx on Wednesday, October 31st. The event was hosted by Goldstein Hall PLLC, TD Bank N.A., Mastermind, Ltd and JGV | Inc. and had well over 100 attendees. The program focused on real estate development in the Bronx, and in the wake of new investments, how the borough is examining gentrification where the community is involved in the successful retention of housing for Bronx residents.

We would also like to thank our event sponsors – AllSure Insurance Brokerage, AR Construction, Benchmark Title Agency, Federated National Land and STAT Architecture for their support!


(Panel speakers left to right: Peter Rivera, Adolfo Carrion, Majora Carter, Ann-Marie Hendrickson and Norberto Velazquez)