Goldstein Hall is proud to announce the release of the first RFPs for LISC’s New York Land Opportunity Program (NYLOP) inaugural class. The RFPs can be viewed here.

A first-of-its kind program in New York City, NYLOP helps mission-driven organizations with limited real estate experience to form partnerships with experienced developers to build new affordable housing and community space on their land. The program was recently featured in an Affordable Housing Finance magazine story earlier this month.

In August 2017, LISC NYC announced the selection of pilot cohort for this program—five churches across NYC—in a Wall Street Journal story. Goldstein Hall has been working with LISC since August (and before) to provide technical assistance to LISC and the selected mission driven organizations.

We congratulate LISC NYC on this substantial milestone and the NYLOP churches on their major achievement.  We encourage all qualified developers to apply.