Real Estate and Community Development News

March 30, 2015
Associate, Niki Tsismenakis, will be moderating on a panel for Revitalizing New York State Communities at the upcoming 2015 NYSAFAH Conference.

Revitalizing New York State Communities. This panel will provide an in-depth case study on three communities with current revitalization plans including targeted growth in affordable housing and other economic development incentives. Featured here will be: Melrose (Bronx), Watertown (Upper New York), Wyandanch (Long Island).
Blanca Ramirez, Hudson Housing Capital
Niki Tsismenakis, Goldstein Hall PLLC
Bill Wilkins, Local Development Corporation of East New York (CB-5 Member)
Lenny Skrill, NYS HCR (Watertown)
David Gallo, Georgica Green (Watertown)
George Aridas, Albanese Organization, Inc. (Wyandanch)

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