Webinar: Managing Shareholder Succession and Landlord-Tenant Law

Join Rachel Jaffe and Meghan Boland from Goldstein Hall as they conduct a comprehensive webinar addressing two crucial aspects of HDFCs. First, delve into the intricate realm of wills and estates in the HDFC context, gaining insight into the implications for both the HDFC itself and the shareholder’s family when a shareholder passes away. Explore questions such as the fate of heirs and shares in the event of a shareholder’s demise and the scenarios that arise when no will has been made.

Additionally, gain valuable insights into navigating landlord-tenant law within the HDFC space. This segment of the webinar will focus on shareholder obligations and the warranty of habitability, shedding light on the unique challenges HDFCs face in this area. We will delve into the specific obligations of HDFCs and shareholders as outlined in the typical proprietary agreements, offering guidance on managing landlord-tenant relations effectively and addressing legal hurdles.

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