Did summer sneak up on you?  Make sure your year-end fundraising doesn’t. Join us for our NON-PROFIT SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES designed to ensure you are prepared for the busy fall fundraising months. 

We are pleased to continue our partnership with Jennifer Friedlin of Iris7 Marketing and the Social Dividends. Sign up today for 3 inexpensive yet highly targeted and effective workshops that will set you up for fundraising success.


July 15, 9–10:30 am
Goldstein Hall, 80 Broad Street, NYC


Don’t let EOY fundraising catch you unprepared. In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals of building a successful end of year fundraising campaign. But even better than that – you will leave with a fundraising strategy and plan that will help you increase the money you raise at year-end.

THE ROAD TO THE ASK: Create a Moves Management Plan

July 22, 9–10:30 am
Goldstein Hall, 80 Broad Street, NYC


Creating relationships that reap big rewards takes time, energy, and a lot of thought and planning. In this workshop you will learn the fine art of asking for the big bucks and you will walk away with your very own donor management plan for up to five potential major donors.

PARLOR MEETINGS 101: Build Your Base through Intimate Gatherings

July 29, 9–10:30 am
Goldstein Hall, 80 Broad Street, NYC


Intimate gatherings are a great way to strengthen ties with existing supporters and build connections to new ones. In this workshop, you will learn how to put together a great parlor meeting that will help you make your case to a circle of potential supporters.


Learn more and register here.

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